Setsubun Oni mask 👹

Craft time! 😊 February is here, which means it’s Setsubun, and Oni (Demon) is coming! 😈Before the Setsubun day, we made a Oni (Demon) mask 👹 They chose the color of the Oni and paste different parts of the face like eyes, nose, horns and a big mouth with a sharp teeth! They used a color pen to draw the eyes. 🖍
We are ready to throw the beans! We are not scared! “Go away evil!! Come good luck!”😊

バイリンガルで見まもる「ことばの森保育園 田園調布」

大切な乳幼児をバイリンガル言語で見まもる「ことばの森保育園 田園調布」 Nursing school with multiple languages