New Year’s Daruma

Happy New Year! 🎉 Hello 2020! 😊 
One of our favorite activity here at the nursery school is the monthly “Big Art” craft time. Our theme of the month is New Year, so we made a “Giant Daruma”! 😊 Daruma is a traditional Japanese doll, which is a symbol of good luck for the new year. 
We used different kinds of paper such as gold and silver origami, Japanese floral paper, and stickers to decorate the Daruma. They enjoyed a lot! 
When making the Daruma’s face, each one them chose the parts and tried to put it on the right place. It looks funny but cute isn’t it?😆 Kids have been learning face parts too like eyes, mouth, and etc.
They had lots of fun making the Giant Daruma. Excited for the next big art! 😊 Great job everyone! 👍🏻

バイリンガルで見まもる「ことばの森保育園 田園調布」

大切な乳幼児をバイリンガル言語で見まもる「ことばの森保育園 田園調布」 Nursing school with multiple languages